Bakony whisky

There aren’t many local whisky brands in Central Europe. Hungary has 2 single malt whiskies, both come from distilleries originally producing pálinka, the native spirit of the country. There is no distillery here making only whisky. No good news for a whisky enthusiast like me. At least we can have a brand design. BAKONY whisky. Its name refers to the Bakony Mountains, part of the beautiful Bakony-Balaton region, where I live. The design resembles the many wooden and metal look-out towers in the mountains, which I often visit with my friends. There are 12 look-out towers in the region. They are constructed mainly from wood and metal. My favourite look-out tower is the one located on the Gulya-hill, near my house. The background pattern is based on the structure of variuos towers. The logo is a modern, clear and minimalistic appearance of the name BAKONY.