Casual photography

Photography as its simpliest. Talking about people, streets, products, I always try to capture the finest part. Circumstances are not always the best, but a good photographer brings out the most from any shooting.


Graphic design

Graphic design, illustrations and supporting photography together – this process make theatre posters unique yet suitable for the client. Branding is a more complex workflow. Knowing classic rules and new trends at the same time and translate them into stunning visuals.


Creative weddings

Carefully selected locations, spectacular natural lighting and smartly applied strobes make creative wedding and engagement photoshoots as exciting as they look in the pictures. There are no repeating moments – everything is unique and random.

Theatre photography

Theatre photography is a special part of my photography activity. The secret is to catch every important moments on stage even if you do not know the play itself. Keen eye, fast reflexes, continuous readiness for action – that’s it!